Beauty and fashion photographer Bruno Alexander looks back on two decades 
of working for clients and magazines all around the world.
After assisting renowned photographers in Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Paris and Switzerland, 
he set up his own business a few years ago.   
One of Bruno’s signature skills is the artful usage of lighting. 
His eye for the given aesthetics and his ability to click with people easily 
allow him to really capture the personality of everyone in front of his camera.   
Striving to explore new ways in beauty photography, Bruno worked with many fresh faces 
for, amongst others, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong and L'Officiel India.

Airfield, Karstadt, Unger, Adidas, Heine, Sidestep, Villeroy&Boch, ... 

L'Officiel India, Cosmopolitain Hong Kong, SZ-Magazin, Maxi, TM, Deutsche Vogue, L'Officiel Thailand, TUSH, ...
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